Electric curtain rods

Electric curtain rods are an exclusive window decoration solution for people who seek comfort and convenience. They are used in flats, houses, offices, hotels, restaurants or conference rooms. If you are considering a smart home system for your home, electric curtain rods are a perfect product. Electric curtain rods can be operated from a central control panel or by remote control. The control by touch function enables the user to close and open curtains, net curtains or drapes just by pulling the fabric.

Electric curtain rods can be mounted on ceilings, walls or in plasterboard recesses. We provide installation services with regard to straight or bent electric curtain rods. We sell electric curtain rod covers made from various materials, depending on the customer’s needs: fabrics corresponding to those used for drapes, wood, aluminium or stainless steel.

The offer includes electric curtain poles from SHUTLLE , FOREST, INTERDECOR: www.interdecorpro.pl