Offer of the La decoration includes unique arrangements of backdrops, roman blinds, wood blinds and curtains. We have silk curtains, jacquard curtains, curtains made of taffeta, cotton and with recycling. Roman blinds in simple forms, as well as blinds for the classic interior – all of them are unique for individual projects. Curtains for modern interior modern and Austrian blinds for classic one, are also prepared according to individual needs with focus to the balance of interior. Precious fabrics of all of the leading European companies in the market are sufficient to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

We also do upholstery with the top quality upholstery fabrics that offer the leading brands in Europe, with whom we work. Design and execution is a comprehensive service which includes also the measurement and installation of cornices and curtains as well as cleaning and washing curtains and blinds cleaning and laundry. We always take care of impeccable finish products. Our projects are created with the latest trends.

We work with companies such as: Ado, Clarke & Clarke, Casamance Designers Guild, Eijffinger, Equipo-dirt, Fuggerhaus, Christian Fischbacher, Pure, Prestigious Textilles, Nenis, Sanderson and Saum & Viebahn. We also support Polish companies such as Adekor, Artex, Dekoma, the Issuer or Ridex.

We have different types of materials. Natural such as flax, silk, cotton or recycled materials and synthetic materials, eg. polyester. We offer many types of taffeta, jacquard, plushes, velours, velvet, calico, veils or tiulii.

You will find in our fabric for interiors in different styles: American, English, Arabic, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Biedermeier, Eclectic, Ethno, French, Glamour, Industrial, Japanese, Classical, Colonial, Sixties, Loftowym, Ludwikans, the People, Minimalist, Marine, Oriental, the Palace, Poparts, Provencal, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Rural and Zen.