Curtain rods/rails

We cooperate with numerous manufacturers of curtain rods/rails, and so we are able to offer our customers a wide selection of them. They are made from various materials, they come in various designs and colours, have different finials and mounting solutions. They can be fixed to ceilings, walls or in plasterboard recesses.

Curtain rods/rails are used in flats, houses, offices, hotels, restaurants or conference rooms. Although our rich offer includes the currently most popular modern curtain rods/rails, we have not given up on classic, stylish designs. We are able to find a bespoke solution for every situation and to satisfy even most sophisticated needs of our customers.

The companies we cooperate with include: Houles, Marcin Dekor, Parkihill and Zegar. Marcin Dekor specializes in modern, metal curtain rods with various finials. We also offer exclusive rods made by the firms Houles and Parkhill. Zegar makes modern rod covers from stainless steel and special, state-of-the-art boards for mounting drapes or net curtains. We also stock special rails for use in plasterboard recesses. If you need more information about curtain rods or rails we will be more than happy to welcome you to our studio.