For years now we have been helping our customers to lend a unique character to their flats and business premises. Matching wallpapers are a very important aspect of creating original interiors, with a unique climate and sophisticated beauty.

At our studio, we have catalogues of leading wallpaper manufacturers, with an exceptionally rich offer in terms of designs and colours. Wallpapers from paper or vinyl, laser or textile, designer or classic, crazy or subdued – there is something for everyone! All neatly ordered in catalogues, each of which gathers products of a specific nature. Irrespective of whether you succumb to the name of a famous designer, a wild style or a chic character of a wallpaper, each choice will be perfect!

Thanks to our offer, you can find inspiration and create an interior with a unique character and atmosphere. We can prepare a comprehensive wallpapering design for a large building or a small room, providing you with advice on interior aesthetics or calculations.